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Kyle Queener was born and raised in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and it’s safe to say that the Sierra are and always will be home. Kyle is a freelance photographer, professional mountain guide, owner of Mammoth Climbing Guides and a seasonal biologist in the Mojave Desert. In his free time, Kyle teaches adaptive rock climbing and alpine skiing, and has been volunteering with organizations such as Paradox Sports and Disabled Sports USA for many years.

Kyle's style as a photographer mimics his time climbing big mountains; fast and light. His aim to capture real moments and experiences. There’s nothing fake or staged here. Authenticity is the core of Kyle's values as a photographer. Kyle carries the bare minimum of equipment to create these images because his friends are fast in the mountains, and he has to be just a little bit faster. All of Kyle's work is true to the original image, having only color corrections made to them. He does not manipulate  images or spend a lot of time in post-production.

Kyle is available for portrait sessions, engagement photos, weddings, commercial, editorial, events and you can find fine art prints available on this website for purchase. If you’re looking for high angle images or rigging he can cover that, too. Kyle's business, Mammoth Climbing Guides, is fully licensed, permitted and insured. We can build the team to meet your production needs in the vertical world.